Monday, May 6, 2013

Our Journey to Texas!

Our decision to move to Texas was actually unexpected and quite out of the blue.  Joseph had applied for a teaching job in Kentucky and a university conservation job in Michigan, but to be honest, the option to move to Texas was very low on our list, until we spoke to our friend.  Opening a bindery was always in the plan; Joe would bind books on the side while he taught full time.  Now we're in Texas and we're going to bind and restore books full time!  Life often has a different plan for us.

Our journey to Texas was long and stressful!  We were excited for the adventure but we didn't anticipate getting stuck in a snow storm for practically the whole trip!  We left Lewiston Tuesday afternoon, April 30.  We stopped in Evanston to see our kids one last time; Joseph's parents cooked us dinner and sent us on our way.  Just before reaching Laramie it started to snow; not unusual for Wyoming.  When we got to Laramie we found the freeway was closed due to winter weather hazards.  We were stuck in Laramie for 7 hours!  We napped, but we were stressed mostly.  All we could think about was the time we were losing; we just wanted to get to Texas.

I-80 finally opened and we were on the road again, the freeway was quite scary between Laramie and Cheyenne.  We ended up driving through snow until we got to Oklahoma!  Our animals were troopers!  Unfortunately River got sick. We took him to the vet this morning and got him medicine; he'll be healthy in no time!  We arrived in Texas around 4:00pm, May 2.  Our friend Reid and his brother Mark met us at our apartment and together with Joe, they unloaded the Uhaul!

We made it to Texas safely!
We couldn't be happier!

Everything we own in a 26' Uhaul truck!
We're ready to hit the road!
Our house in the rear view window!
Our Uhaul and cute car!  We had to stop at Little America for ice cream cones!
Waiting in Laramie!
Even kitties have to use the restroom on a road trip!
The freeway between Laramie and Cheyenne!
A gas station somewhere in Colorado.
Somewhere in Kansas.
Somewhere in Kansas.  Willow looking out the window on Joe's lap.
Somewhere in Oklahoma.
Entering Texas!
Waiting to get on the freeway in Dallas!  On our way back to Plano after dropping off the Uhaul.  We're not in Utah anymore!
Our cute car outside of our cute apartment!  Home!
Why did we move to Texas anyway?

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  1. Jill you crack me up...the somewhere in pics...too funny. So glad you made it safely!!!


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