Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Merry Christmas everyone! Utah will be covered with a fresh blanket of snow this year. I love having a white Christmas.
These pictures are from my work Christmas party. There was a photo booth there and we all had a blast taking pictures of ourselves.
The girl with me is my good friend Krista. I met her when I worked at Lifetime about four years ago. She is an awesome chic and of course we have a blast together.
The young man in the other pictures with me is Eric of course, my wonderful boyfriend. We too have a lot of fun together. We obviously can be total geeks and we don't take life too seriously. I think its important to have a gut wrenching laugh from time to time. You know, the times you laugh so hard you can't breathe. Those laughs are my favorite.
I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family. Although I miss having my brother in my life, I'll here when he decides to come back around. My mom is a spectacular women who knows no bounds. She takes good care of me. I hope one day I get to return the favor. My sister has the kindest heart. I'm lucky to have her in my life. My pop is such a hard worker and now that he is a truck driver we don't get to see him often. We miss him and pray that he will be safe on the road.
I have wonderful friends that have always been a positive force in the background of my life. I haven't always made good decisions in my life. I've learned the concept of live and learn first hand. But I have always picked good friends along my way. Some I don't get to see anymore. But my true and good friends have always remained apart of my life even if they live in California and Washington and just another county South of me.
I am thankful for my health and endurance. I may have a lot of physical problems but I've always had the strength to endure. I thank my Heavenly Father for his shoulder to cry on and for his strength to lean on when I've felt tired and weak. I always manage to bounce back and keep going. The mind is a powerful thing and the way one speaks to themselves really makes a difference. Positive self talk is important when you're trying to overcome something big.
I love my little dog. He doesn't know any tricks other then how to keep me and my mom company. And he knows how to cuddle with you when you're crying or having a bad day. My dog took such good care of me when I found myself alone going through a divorce. We had our own little apartment that was our sanctuary from every thing crazy going on at the time. It was hard for me going from a family four to being alone. Razzy took good care of me then. He's a hairy little human I swear.
I love everyone!

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