Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Krista and Macsen!

     Krista and Macsen were born on the same day, but two years apart; how often does that happen?  We were going to get them a new game for their Wii gaming system this year, but the days are getting longer and warmer, and Spring fever has set in; we decided to get them bikes for their birthday instead.  Everyone rides bikes around our city:  Logan is not too big and not too small and everything you need is mostly in one central location of the city.  I love the culture here, especially during the warm months.
     Saturday was our birthday celebration!  Joseph set up the bikes at the top of our stairwell; the only way out of our apartment.  We told the kids we needed to run to the store and asked them to go to the car knowing they would walk past their bikes and freak out with excitement and joy and pure love for us...  No, that is wasn't their reactions at all.  Macsen and Krista both walked past their bikes pouting because they didn't want to go to the store.  Diego did yell with excitement as Joseph and I yelled for Macsen and Krista to walk back to check out their new bikes.  Instant smiles jumped on their faces; Joseph and I were happy too.  There is a certain amount of joy parents get when they make their children happy.


Krista and Diego

Diego with his cool helmet on.

I know deep down inside Macsen really wanted to smile.
Diego photo bombing in the background.

Krista didn't take her helmet off all weekend!
And there is our little photo bomber.