Friday, May 4, 2012

Day Thirty: 30 Days of Snapshots

     Another thirty days are behind us, and this challenge has really made the time fly!  We started this challenge thinking that it would be very simple and relaxing:  Between the stresses of buying a home, work, kids, and countless other distractions, we felt we needed to do something easy that would take almost no thought or effort.  After all you just have to point and shoot, right?  And the first week or so really was easy.  But then we started to run out of things to take pictures of.  The occasions when we would do something outside of our usual routine gave us easier opportunities for finding good subject matter for our pictures, but in reality, we are creatures of habit, and soon our normal routine had been exhausted of "low hanging fruit."  But this was actually a good thing:  Suddenly we realized that we would have to keep our eyes open for an interesting snapshot, and this led us to be much more aware of our surroundings.  We were more likely to catch those brilliant little moments of each day, that we so often miss because our eyes are only on the proverbial ground.   The way light would fall on a scene, or the nuances of a pet's expression made more of an impression on us.  The beauty of simple things became more evident, and we took more pleasure in simply looking.  So while it became more challenging than we would have expected, it was also more rewarding than we had hoped.

Joe's Snapshot
My engraving tools

Jill's Snapshot
Trappers Loop

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