Sunday, May 6, 2012

Some Weekend Fun Dipping Candles...

     Saturday afternoon Joseph turned to me and said, "lets make candles tonight", my response was, "okay, sounds like fun".  We hit Michael's craft store for candle making supplies and about ten other stores looking for old fashioned tin candle holders; we're still looking for the candle holders.
The Process
Supplies needed:  Wax, double boiler, wick, hooks, weights (nuts or washers) to tie to the end of  wick, open area to dip and hang candles.

On one end of the wick tie on the hook, Joseph made hooks out of wire.  On the other end of the wick tie on a small weight that will later be taken off.  Melt the wax into cans or glass jars in a double boiler and start dipping.  

Once the wax starts to hold the wick straight, cut off the weights tied to the bottom of the wick.  
Dip three times, quick but careful then hang the candle and dip the next candle; rotate the candles giving them time cool between dips.  

 Turn on a good movie and keep dipping until you end up with the right size of candle you need.

Our dinner by candle light using our candles.  
The kids had fun and enjoyed seeing the process from beginning to end.

Happy Dipping!

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