Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Backyard Picture Tour....

Join me in a picture tour of our backyard!  
I'd like to share the vision we have for our homestead.  
Of course everything is subject to change as we start implementing these plans.  
We have a lot and I mean A LOT of work ahead of us.  
I've never been more excited for hard work in my life!

Our future garden!  This is a HUGE weed patch running down the left side of our backyard.
Behind this weed patch, Bees will live.
In front of this weed patch a nice work shop will be built.  

Poppy flowers!
These are growing in a weed patch on our side yard.
Love Poppy flowers!

Two large trees towards the back of our yard.
Behind these trees, our compost bays may go.
Yummy compost!

These two raised beds are currently smack in the middle of our backyard.
These will be moved to our front yard; our herbs will grow comfortably in these beds.

These are two fruit trees on the right side of our backyard.
These may be moved to the front yard with additional fruit trees to be planted.  

This little random tree to the right is cute and I have no clue what kind of tree it is.
Behind this tree and along the right side of our backyard we will build our
chicken coop, rabbit hutch, and possibly a storage tool shed.

What do you think?
Wish us luck!

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