Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Apricot and Plum-Cherry Jam!

Sunday night Joseph and I made apricot jam and plum-cherry jam in an effort to not waist fruit we've had sitting our kitchen for over a week!  It's another reason I love to preserve food and have fallen in love with small batch canning.  We whipped up two batches of jam in one evening!  I remember as a child my mom and Aunt June spending hours and days in the kitchen bottling tomatoes and other fruits.  They had bushels and bushels of produce to preserve in only a day or two.  Trust me, Joseph and I have plans for weekends of bottling this fall; but small batch canning throughout the season helps take the edge off those daunting all day and night canning festivals that leave you feeling exhausted for an entire week afterwords.

Take a look at the fun we had Sunday night!

The cutting station.
Beautiful plums, given to us from the Tylers and leftover cherries.

Apricots with a few leftover peaches in there somewhere.

Joseph filling bottles with delicious apricot jam!

We used Ashley English's recipe for the apricot jam found in her canning book.

Page 111 to be exact!
We used a plum jam recipe found in our trusty Ball Home Preserving book.

Page 31 to be exact!

The finished product!  I can rest easy knowing I didn't have to throw away good fruit!


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