Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Potato Bread!!! (Recipe included kind of....)

I bought a huge bag of potatoes from Costco about a month ago thinking my family loves potatoes, and we'll cook them out on our fire in our back yard, and we won't have to heat up our house baking them; brilliant plan I know!  Then the wild fires started, and the no burn zones, and so my brilliant plan was futile.  A couple weeks ago my sister came to visit so I gave her half the bag of potatoes and we were still left with a ton!  I don't like throwing away food so Joseph and I baked a bunch of potatoes Tuesday night to keep in the fridge.  Also, last night Joseph baked two loafs of potato bread using some of our baked supply; another brilliant plan!  As I start paying attention to the amount of food we used to waste as a family, and my mind shifts to our homesteading plans and lifestyle, I see the need for a root cellar more and more.  

Take a look the yummy potato bread!  

The recipe is found in this book on page 402.  It's a rather long and detailed recipe that I didn't want to re-type.  If you're interested in the recipe I'd be happy to fax or scan and email you a copy.
The bread is very good and hardy!  Better than anything you could buy in the store!

Potato Bread!  Joseph is a fantastic baker!

Tonight I made a simple dinner:  Open face grilled cheese and egg sandwiches with  oranges!
The potato bread grilled nicely and of course the eggs came from our wonderful chickens!
We are very blessed!

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