Monday, July 30, 2012

Our Good Life Lately...

I'm starting a new segment in our blog called "Our Good Life Lately", so often I scroll through my iPhone photo album and see how much life has happened and just how good our life is and I have to document it.
I hope you enjoy!

My sweet Willow!  She has become more loving lately; I'll take it!

Our awesome chickens!

We raked the chicken yard to help keep the poop under control.  The chickens were thankful!

I love hanging out with the chickens they have funny personalities.

Our compost pile!  Joe turns it and drowns it with water almost every night and the compost is cooking in the middle of this pile; which means he's doing something right!

I dedicated this cupboard and another to canning and preserving.  I don't want to waste a bit of our fruit and next year our garden will be full of wonderful veggies!  We're excited for our root cellar too!  Refrigerators won't hold the amount of veggies we plan on having; root cellars also allow some air but no humidity.  Notice how fast veggies go bad in your refrigerator?

Milano Cookies!  We live close to Pepperidge Farm and they sell their cookies at a fantastic discount!

17 eggs from three of our chickens!  17 eggs in about two weeks.  Time to start baking!

My forever favorite animal!  My Rascal is so sweet and fun.  I love him so much!

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