Sunday, August 5, 2012

Our Good Life Lately!

This weekend was wonderful; it began by visiting the chickens and raking the chicken yard, taking Raz to the groomer, running errands with my boys, the farmers' market at Rockhill Creamery (see creamery website HERE ), a picnic at Newton Lake with Joe's parents, Saturday night dinner at Rumbi Island Grill, church on Sunday morning, and ending Sunday evening with Joseph baking potato bread.

Check out some of our weekend fun below!

Here are some pictures of the Rockhill Creamery farmers' market.



Newton Lake!
We had a blast at the lake Saturday, although we were expecting higher water levels for some reason.
The Swing Joseph is on should technically be over water!


Joseph's parents bought him a grain mill for his birthday!
We have already put this baby to use!

One berry from our raspberry plants that are currently taken over by our huge weed patch in our back yard.
The weed patch will be gone this week!  We've hired Yard Masters to take care of  our over grown weeks this coming week!  

My beautiful Raz resting after a busy Saturday with the family.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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