Thursday, August 2, 2012

Root Cellars: Ancient Technology Making a Come Back!

Joseph and I are planning for a root cellar just to the side of our garden.  Of course the root cellar we build will have rustic 18th century flare and class.  Half the fun of designing our homestead is making our projects creative and original; Joe's fantastic artist abilities help in the creative planning aspect of our homestead too.  We've been reading and researching about root cellars and even the need for them now days.  Most people have unfinished basements or crawl spaces they use as storage.  I don't know anyone who has an actual root cellar.  Of course I don't know anyone who farms either, not personally anyway.  If you're planning on living off your harvest you need to grow a fair amount of produce; enough to last through the winter!  I know a lot of people who garden but their harvest isn't enough to actually live on. 
Preserving food is a way to use and save food that one grows, but not everything should be bottled or dried or even fermented.  Root cellars are the answer for a big harvest with no where to store it.  Check out this article (HERE) to learn more about the history and purpose of root cellars.

All these veggies wouldn't fit in my fridge!


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