Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Educate yourself! You look like an idiot!

Dear opinionated political Face Book poster,
Here is my political opinion post of the year:  Educate yourself before posting media snippets on Face Book, 'cause you look like an idiot!  I am quite tired of seeing political banter on Face Book; who isn't at this point?  What drives me crazy are the dumb political posts that are not complete and then the huge opinionated comments following these posts.  I feel like posting back, "do you know you're making a comment on half a sentence?  How about educating yourself, or at least post the full media content."  Or, is that your intent, to only post media snippets to prove your point?  Either way, you look like an idiot.
The lack of general knowledge about how our country runs scares the hell out me.  I see people make comments about the election and certain issues and think to myself, "you might want to address your state government on that one, or the supreme court maybe...."  Lets start with the basics...  Do you know that we have three branches of government?  Do you know why we have three branches?  I see posts about issues and then bagging on one of the candidates about that issue, but the candidate isn't the one to take care of the issue directly.  Look a few things up, get a little bit of basic education and then make your posts on Face Book.  I wonder just how many opinionated people of the Face Book population even vote anyway!  Oh and if you comment, "It's my right to free speech to post my opinion," you're right, but your uneducated comments still make you look like an idiot.  I feel so much better getting this off my chest, thank you.


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