Sunday, September 9, 2012

The End and Review of Thirty Days of Downsizing

Joe's Review
     This was a thirty-day challenge I was apprehensive about when we started.  Under normal circumstances it would not have been a big deal, and I would probably have been excited for the chance to de-clutter my life a bit, but this time was different:  We had only been in our new house about two months when we started, and when we moved we had given up multiple car-loads of stuff to the Deseret Industries (the local version of a Good Will).  So I felt like it would be impossible to find thirty things to get rid of; this challenge was something of an extreme de-cluttering.  Now that it is done, I will admit that there were some nights when I really had to search to find something to give away.  It was harder still to find something to give away that is still useful and good, but not needed in my life at the moment.  It would have been a breeze to get rid of an old pizza box or a chipped plate, but where is the challenge in that!  Besides, with Jill taking pictures of our findings and posting them on our blog, I had to consider my pride a bit.
     But in the end, I managed to find my thirty-day's worth, and honestly, most of it is pretty good stuff that I hope will find an appreciative home.  It is easy enough to look around your house and find things that you never use and don't want - oftentimes old gifts from in-laws or folks that are close enough friends that getting rid of the thing would assuredly offend them, but not close enough to know that the gift was something you never wanted in the first place.  But once you look past that first wave of extraneous mathoms, and you begin finding more things to get rid of, you start to really look at your life style.  I found that I tend to hold on to things on the off-chance that I will use them "some day," but if I am honest with myself I know I never really will.  I think the phrase Jill and I most often said to each other over the course of the month was: "Are you sure you want to get rid of that? It's really nice."  And the answer was usually: "Well, I don't ever use it, and I probably won't."  
     Tonight, being the last night of the challenge, I was actually rather satisfied to realize that I had nowhere left in the house to look for stashed of items to add to the pile; most everything left is something I do or will use.  And looking at the large pile of things to give away, I feel quite good.  It is perhaps a bit unusual in this age of acquiring stuff, but I now find I take a certain pride in dis-acquiring!

Jill's Review
     I was worried and excited about this challenge.  I love to de-clutter and get rid of old stuff taking up space!  As Joe mentioned we had already gotten rid of a ton of stuff having just moved; one might wonder why the challenge?  We do give ourselves these challenges right?  I had just finished watching a documentary about a family that moved into a 350 square food tiny home.  The mother gave the tour and did most of the interview and she had brought up wonderful points about prioritizing, organizing, and family.  I was inspired and knew we could still give up more.  
     There were nights I literally searched though my closets looking for anything to give away.  I always asked myself, what haven't I used in over a year and I managed to find 30 items.  I feel a sense of relief knowing I've downsized and let go random items I don't need anymore.  

Joe's last three days of stuff to give away:  a stack of t-shirts,  painting medium, and an old cell phone.
Jill's last three days of stuff to give away:  Two skirts and a hoodie .

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