Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day Twenty-four: 30 Days of Gratitude

Jill's Gratitude:
     I am grateful for the blog called Small Measures (  This was the first blog I came across that got me thinking about homesteading.  I ended up buying her books and the rest is history.
     I am grateful for the blog called Funky Junk Interiors (  This is the first blog I came across that got me thinking I can be crafty but not lame.  Lets just say I've had really strong opinions about specific "crafts" that are sold at places like The Quilted Bear, and I guess I made the mistake of generalizing all crafts in a negative way, until I stumbled upon Funky Junk Interiors.  This blog is full of fun, creative, and original ideas.
     I am grateful for the blog called Frugally Sustainable (  This blog was sent to me by my friend Krista, she sent me a recipe that was located on this blog....  I started to explore the blog and fell in love!  This blog is completely cool, filled with a lot of recipes and fun ideas about having a homemade life and being frugal.

Joseph's Gratitude:
     I am grateful for knots.  There are so many ways to connect a few pieces of rope or cord.  Some of the knots I love the most are the weaver's knot (I use this one more than any other; for tying on more thread as I sew up books), the bowline (it's just fun to tie), the thief knot (a sort of sneaky reef knot), the sheepshank, the carrick bend(fun to say and pretty to look at), and the monkey fist (great to occupy your fingers when you are bored).
     I am grateful for an old friend from high school who is a good lawyer, and is available when I need one.
     I am grateful for the few wood working tools I have, and I am excited to get more.  My prize tool is a wood plane that belonged to my great-grandfather, and was probably used by him when he built the podium in the LDS Tabernacle in Salt Lake City.

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