Saturday, November 24, 2012

Giving Thanks with 23 people!

Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday!  I love the harvest season and the opportunity to express my gratitude and thanks for all of my blessings without being looked down upon because, hey everyone is giving thanks this time of year!  Joseph and I love to cook and entertain; Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to invite our family and friends over to feast together!  People are the most important part of a great dinner!

Everyone who came brought great food to add to our feast!  We had two turkeys, one cooked in a huge dutch oven over the fire, one cooked in our oven.  We had rolls, cranberry sauce, yams, stuffing, frog eye salad, stuffed mushrooms, green bean casserole, gravy, and five different pies!

Everyone trying to hurry and eat before the food got cold.  As soon as the sun began to go down the temperature dropped!  I thought it would be more like first Thanksgiving to eat outside.
All of our lovely children!  They had so much fun playing together.  A few of our boys are hiding their faces from the picture.
Minnie is our friends' dog and she is literally mini!  She was hit with the kids; they loved holding her!
Another picture of us eating fantastic food!
We set up bow and arrows for the kids to target practice.  They had a ton of fun with this.  Ambro and Arika shot arrows almost the whole time.  We were wondering if there was another kind of spark between them.  They were so cute!
Me and my mom prepping potatoes!  My mom also chopped celery and onions for our stuffing!  Everyone jumped in the kitchen to help out; we had a blast!