Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Tablescape - How To

Thanksgiving was so fun and entirely crazy!  Joe and I wouldn't have it any other way.  We love to entertain; it's our way of showing our family and friends we love them.
 I saw this picture on on Pinterest (link HERE) and knew I wanted to base our Thanksgiving set up after it; and so we did but Joe and Jill Style.
We put two six foot tables together plus a four foot round table off to the side for the kids table.  I find kids have fun when they get to eat together at their own table.
We lined straw bales long the six foot table, three on each side.  We set up folder chairs around the kids table.  A bench and two camp chairs are set up around the fire pit.  I also set up one little accent table for the roasting marshmallow station and the other accent table for the hot chocolate station on each side of the fire pit.  It was sunny outside but cold!
We covered the straw bales with quilts so they would be comfortable to sit on.  Our table cloths are actually drop cloths from Home Depot.
  We lined the tables with burlap strips and crossed the table with burlap for each place setting.  I love burlap!  We bought a huge burlap roll from the garden center at Home Depot.  Burlap from a garden center is a much better deal then buying it from craft stores.
We lined the center of our tables with pine cones we collected from Utah State University campus and pine branches from a pine tree.  We placed three of our oil lamps down the long table and one in the center of the round table.
This is our water table!  We bought a glass container from Wal-Mart to use as our water bowl with pretty silver ladle.  Mason jars are the glasses.
 Here is our hot chocolate station!  It was a hit!  The temperature was cold outside so the hot chocolate was a nice touch to help keep our guests warm.
I think we had a successful set up!  What do you think?