Friday, November 16, 2012

Our Good Life Lately. . .

Four dozen eggs washed and packaged, ready for their special deliveries to our family and friends.  Our chickens give us beautiful eggs every day.  We are so grateful for them and love them so much! 

My husband is an amazing cook and thank goodness!  We eat pretty good around here.

I am a very spoiled woman!  Christmas came early for me when Joseph surprised me with these black pearls.  I handed Joe a mini Almond Joy and he handed me a box with these pearls in them.

This is a cute picture of River hanging out in our dryer after I just unloaded the warm clothes.  This picture may be cute but our two kitties have been wild lately!  They are driving me nuts! 

I love how beautiful bottled jellies are.  I find satisfaction in making jam; sweet fruit spread on freshly baked bread is wonderful treat! 

 Got to love this kid!  Diego was being quite the pill last weekend; obviously he was tired and needed a nap. We gave him a time out and crashed.