Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Where I look for Inspiration. . .

     My last blog was about being aware of toxic people and environments as a way to detox your own life.  I like to feel inspired and motivated all the time so when I'm feeling a negative vibe, I start looking for reasons why.  This is what prompted my Toxic People or Toxic You blog (HERE).  While brainstorming that blog I started thinking about specific places I find inspiration (aside from being with my husband) and want to share them with you.
     I am an amateur blogger (thanks to my cousin Nichole) and so I find a lot of my inspiration from other bloggers and websites.  There are times I am absolutely amazed at how creative and fun people are.  After spending time following blogs and leaving comments, I feel like I have new friends.  The perfect friend really; a friend who is supportive of what we have in common and only rallies behind other like minded friends; zero drama!  I feel celebrating others talents can only help foster my own.  I thought I'd start a new feature where I celebrate current blogs and websites that inspire me and that are just down right fun.  Winter is near, Joseph and I are moving in from outside and beginning our indoor hobbies; so I'm less interested in homesteading and urban farming blogs and more interested in crafty, DIY, housekeeping, cooking blogs.   

The list this week:

Apartment Therapy - Link HERE - I hit up this website several times a day!  It features everything about home, cooking, style, DIY, renovating, entertaining, etc.  it is a fun website to peruse.

A Beautiful Mess - Link HERE - This blog is written by two sisters.  They feature DIY, crafts, photography, design, etc.  They are fun to read and give great advise about living a creative lifestyle.

Design Sponge - Link HERE - This website is based out of Brooklyn NY and features other creative people just as Apartment Therapy dose.  They feature design, DIY, cooking, entertaining, etc.

Funky Junk Interiors - Link HERE - This blog is all DIY and fun linking parties.  Great ideas and she is fearless when it come to building tables and benches on her own.  I'm afraid of saws!  I had Joe get us a hand saw because the circular saw really freaks me out.

IHeartOrganizing - Link HERE -   This is a fantastic blog about homemaking, organizing, and family!  The contributors give great ideas about organizing your home.

What inspires you?

Omphalos NB 29 ~ Copper Engraving by Joseph Adams