Friday, December 21, 2012

The Power of Thought

Why is it so easy to think negative thoughts?  And why is it once you think just one negative thought, it's easier and easier to think negatively until you feel heavy and weighed down, even depressed?  I found out for myself four years ago, if you can make a conscious decision to think positively every day, life really is better.  Burdens don't feel so bothersome, pain isn't quite so intense, and people around me seem to have better days because I'm not being onry.  Mind you, I'm not talking about the ridiculous kind of positive thinking/speaking that makes people near by want to choke you.

After my amputation when not a single ounce of pain medicine would take away the pain, I gave up!  The kind of give up one rarely speaks about because it's so scary to think of; it was one of the dark moments in life everyone has experienced once or twice.  One night while lying in self-pity, I read a short article about the power of thought, and I started pondering about how powerful the human brain really is.  I started to make decisions to think about the positive side of every situation:  I lost my leg but at least I didn't lose my arm.  I truly feel losing an arm would be worse than losing a leg.  It's freezing outside right now, but I have several cozy hoodies to wear that keep me warm.  I don't have extra spending money this year to buy my husband the Christmas gifts I want to buy him, but all of our bills are paid and our pantry is stocked full of wonderful food!  All of these kinds of thoughts can go completely the other direction:  I lost my leg, on top of my already being disabled, I have more physical trials to contend with.  It's freezing outside, I hate being cold all the time.  I can't buy my husband the Christmas gifts I would like to buy him; this is going to be a horrible Christmas.

I truly believe positive thought makes life better - if not better, bearable.  I'm not saying I'm good at thinking positively all the time; I have bad days like everyone else.  I just think, if we were more aware of our own thoughts, actions, and habits, and continually try to improve ourselves, life would be a little more worth while.

Our beautiful Christmas tree and two curious cats!