Friday, January 4, 2013

Caring for Chickens in Winter

After much research and now having chickens of our own I can say we've narrowed down a system for taking care of our chickens during the winter.  Our system requires actually seeing our chickens everyday.  We're not the type of animal owners to fill up the water bin, throw out a bunch of food and then check on the animals once or twice a week.  If your "that" kind of animal owner then our system won't work for you.

Tips for Chicken Winter Care

Every morning Joseph fills the water bowls with fresh (unfrozen) water.  We check on the food every morning to make sure our ladies have enough food throughout the day.  

Every morning Joseph throws scratch out for the chickens.  
Chickens do get bored and need something to do, even in the Winter.  

We lay down hay over our walk ways and around the chicken coop.
Chickens don't like to walk on snow.  
The hay helps keep their feet warmer and dry.

At night we plug in the heat lamp and in the morning we un-plug the heat lamp.

Of course we gather the eggs every day.  

This is our system; it's really quite easy and doesn't take too much extra time.  Of course when we get home from work we spend extra time with our chickens so they feel loved.  They do like us to pet them.  Here are some photos of our set up.