Monday, May 27, 2013

Setting Goals

I love to brainstorm and write lists, and then I rewrite my lists into organized categories, and then I set time-lines and deadlines for each category, and then I make more detailed lists for each category, and this exercise can go on for hours, days even!  I am a planner; my mind doesn't do well with drop-of-the-hat situations.  Oh I can manage unplanned spur of the moment situations, i.e. deciding, planning, and moving to Texas in about two months flat, I just prefer to have everything thought out and planned for.

Making business goals helps me stay motivated and keeps me in the right frame of mind; I find the experience of talking through plans inspiring.  The cool thing is Eidolon House isn't just our business, it's a lifestyle Joseph and I are building together.  I've blogged about this subject several times here on J&J Chronicles.  Look at our blog header:  That was one of those inspired moments Joseph and I had, and the collage Joseph drew of symbols that represent our lifestyle is pretty cook I think.  Setting goals about Eidolon House includes so much more than just our business, and that alone is inspiring to me. 

Today, Joseph and I drove to a nature preserve here in Plano to plan out our week.  Scheduling time to plan and set goals is important I think.  Sure, we talk about Eidolon House non-stop, but to schedule time solely for setting goals helps make what were doing here so much more intentional.  I also think it's important to meet in a specific place that is uncluttered and inspiring, whatever it takes to get the creative juices flowing.  We have so much planned for Eidolon House and I can't wait for these goals to become a reality!


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