Saturday, July 6, 2013

Out with the old, in with the new!

My whole life I've decorated my home in the same color, red.  My kitchen was themed in apples and the rest of my home was themed in old American flags.  Moving to Texas, Joseph and I literally got rid of everything; what we didn't sell we gave away, and that included all of the decorations I've been hauling around from house to house, to apartment to apartment, to storage shed to storage shed.  I think I'm ready for a change!

Having the opportunity start over again I thought I'd completely change the colors I decorate with.  Funny thing; seeing how I've decorated my house and kitchen over the years one might think my favorite color is red, when in fact my favorite color is purple.  I love dark earth tones, nothing pastel, and nothing too bright.  I'm thinking of decorating in dark teal, eggplant or dark purple, and gold or a light brown hue. 

Here are the color samples I picked out. 

Thank goodness for the internet!  I Googled "Teal Kitchens", "Eggplant Kitchens", and "Colorful Kitchens" and found these pictures to help guide me in the right direction.

Photo Link
I love the dark teal on the lower cabinets and I love the vintage gold lights hanging from the ceiling in this picture.

Photo Link
I love the dark purple on the lower cabinets in this picture!  

Photo Link
I love the how the gold contrasts with the teal tiles in this picture.  Of course I'd choose a darker color of teal if this were my kitchen.

Photo Link
I love this shade of yellow, add in some purple and teal, this kitchen would be perfect for me!

It's fun to throw around ideas and see how other people decorate with the colors I love!
Do you have a color theme for your home?


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  1. Love the teal kitchen. Those are some pretty colors to work with. Good luck redecorating


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