Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Where I Look For Inspiration (2)

I try to be conscious of where and how I find inspiration.  Last November I wrote THIS BLOG listing other fantastic blogs I follow that give me inspiration.  I think it's not only important to feel inspired but to be mindful as to where that inspiration in coming from, I don't want to miss out on a great experience because I'm not paying attention.

When we were living in Cache Valley inspiration was not hard to find; driving home from work we often saw spectacular wildlife:  Moose, wild turkeys, hawks, bald eagle, and deer.  The terrain in Cache Valley was diverse too:  Pine trees, aspen trees, rocky cliffs, rolling hills, corn fields, beautiful old barns, and farm animals on every corner (we lived in a farming community 30 miles North of Logan Utah).  Moving to Texas has been a bit hard for me because there isn't a lot of nature diversity here; there are beautiful trees and I've seen squirrels and rabbits. . . do cicadas (insect) count?  The cicadas do sing beautiful songs (Listen Here).

Different people find inspiration in different ways and places.  I don't have to limit myself to the outdoors and wildlife, I have several other ways of finding inspiration:  Music, reading, watching a good documentary, listening to a good Ted Talk, cooking, writing, working on a creative project, and finding other creative people that I can relate to.  Lately beautiful photography has been helping me find inspiration.  I follow these three blogs solely for the beautiful pictures they post, take a look for yourself.  (Click on the name under each photo to be directed to their blogs.)

1924, more popularly known as Lyla and Blu.  They sell leather goods and antiques.  The pictures they post on their blog are fantastic! 

Ignite Light
Ignite Light, beautiful pictures to look at.

Bungalow Classic
Bungalow Classic, they sell beautiful furniture and houseware products, the pictures posted on their blog are just beautiful to look through.  

Where do you look for inspiration?

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