Wednesday, December 16, 2009

WARNING:Graphic Pictures/Amputation Documentation.

My car after the accident.....

The cause of my amputation; during the night the muscle died in my foot and up my leg. The day after my accident my leg was amputated.

Cleaned up and wrapped.

My cast. I wore this over the stump after the amputation while the cut was healing.

The day after my amputation I was up on a walker getting ready for my new life.

I wish I would have documented more of the healing process. I have a journal but I didn't take pictures of physical therapy. Randy was my physical therapist and he was awesome! The University of Utah was my stomping grounds. We walked all over campus so I could learn how to walk again. It is interesting to feel one step through your left foot and the next step through your right knee. I walked up hills, down hills, stairs, bumpy grass. We played catch to practice balance. I stood on big yoga balls to practice balance as well.
I was determined to get my life back to normal if not better. I used a wheel chair for about 4 weeks and thought I was going to die. May I say the cappy sign might be posted in public bathrooms but wheelchairs rarely fit in the stalls. I couldn't believe how NOT handicap assessable the world is.
More documentation later....


  1. I looked. The person that used to squirm at the mention of blood looked. Keep writing and sharing. It is amazing to see how far you have come and what a hot little chica you are now!! Love ya! Merry Christmas

  2. Well if Nichole could look...I guess I could too. But, I had to scroll down really fast. I want to know more too. Which has been harder, losing a leg or one of your other many surgeries? just curious. You are a very determined girl and seriously I thought (when I saw you at paradise) the cane made you look so sophisticated! You looked like a college professor!

  3. I was there when you took those first steps on your walker. I was absolutely AMAZED. Not only was it the day after your surgery, but your will and determination. You are one of the strongest women I know Jill and I am so happy that I am able to call you my friend. I was reading your blog and looking at the pictures from the accident. I remember getting the call from you Saturday morning telling me that you would not be able to meet me to workout. I also remember where I was when your mom called me to tell me you were in surgery. I was on the sidewalk in between Target and Sportsmans warehouse.

    Classic was going to see you Sunday morning. Right away "Hey guys, do you want to see my stump". You had a doped up grin on your face that day. Must have been all the drugs. Love ya!

  4. Wow Jill thanks for sharing. You have always been amazing to me.


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