Sunday, September 11, 2011

Life changes so does one's blog....

I've redesigned my blog, changed things up a bit.  As life changes so do things around you.  Sometimes simple things change like clothes or a car or a blog.  Sometimes jobs change and relationships change.  I think the best thing one can realize is when they themselves are changing.  So much of my life has changed this year.  I broke off a relationship in March.  Met the man I was supposed to marry in April and then married him in August.  He has three amazing children and now so do I.  I moved to a new city, Logan.  I started to go back to church.  And so many other little things keep changing.

Not only physical things in my life have changed.  I have changed emotionally and mentally and spiritually.  I think these types of changes are most significant.  I have a stronger relationship with my Heavenly Father.  I have more faith and a better ability to believe.  I'm gaining self confidence and self worth.  I'm forming a new life and family with a loving husband.  I'm making goals and plans for the future that don't involve just me anymore.  Life and changes couldn't be better!  I do love progression and change.  I enjoy experiencing life and making memories.  I'm excited to share my experiences with you on this blog!



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