Friday, July 13, 2012

Keeping the Homestead in Check!

Joe and I have lived in our new home just shy of a month and we have been very busy to say the least.  In one month we moved, unpacked our house putting pretty much everything away, hung pictures, built a chicken coop, built a rabbit hutch, put together a trampoline, acquired a few more animals to take care of so they will in turn take care of us....  Like I said:  We have been very busy!  Oh, and did I mention Joe and I are still working at our jobs and I'm still going to school during all of this busyness?

As a woman, wife, mother, student and business professional; it's ingrained in me to make sure all of the members in my family, animals and humans alike, are properly fed, watered, cleaned, disciplined, groomed, exercised, rested, and happy.  I had to come up with a plan to make sure the basics are taken care of each day as my family, animals and humans alike, has grown considerably in that last year.

I decided to make check lists to put up in our house and around the homestead to help remind everyone what needs to be done and the specific needs for each animal.  I love check lists and I love making forms!  I had a lot of fun creating these checks lists.  The System:  The master checklist along with a blank shopping list will hang right next to our back door.  As family members perform their chores and see that supplies are running low they are to add what is needed to the shopping list.  This includes human supplies as well, such as milk, candy, tooth paste, etc.  I made a specific check list that will hang on the rabbit hutch and one for the chickens as well.  We'll see how these work out, for now I'm quite happy with them and relieved that everyone can see what needs to be done when it comes to running a homestead.


P.S.  As you may see the title of my lists is the name of our homestead, Eidolon House.  Joseph mentions the naming of our homestead in a prior blog found HERE.   


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