Friday, September 21, 2012

Day Twelve: 30 Days of Gratitude

Jill's gratitude:
     Today I am grateful for water!  I've always known that water is important for survival, you know, the usual facts we all know; one can live without food for days even weeks but will die without water!  Since Joseph and I moved to Eidolon House and started adding animals to our homestead I've come to appreciate water more.  Animals don't require a huge variety of food; they need the essential vitamins and nutrients and lots of water.  Our plants need water and of course us humans need water too.  Water is in everything!  We can grow and make just about everything we need but we can't make water.  Building our homestead and planning for a rather large garden and several fruit trees has made me think about how I use water and ways that I can save it.  Joseph and I are starting to plan how we're going to preserve rain water by adding barrels to our rain gutter systems.  I'm pretty excited about it actually.
     I'm grateful that Joseph and I enjoy making things ourselves.  We like to make things because we actually enjoy the process of creating something.  The money we save by making things ourselves is nice too.
     I'm grateful for Home Depot!  As people who find great joy in DIY, Home Depot is our play ground!

Joseph's gratitude:
     Building off of Jill's post (pun unintended), I am grateful for the easy availability of good lumber.  Though I am excited to hew my own timbers when I build my wood shop and forge, for most of my construction needs it is exceedingly nice to be able to run into town, buy some wood, and throw it on top of our car.
     I am grateful that for the most part Jill and I share the same aesthetic tastes.  Today in the Home Depot we saw some large rolls of brown paper, and both of us thought of using it to wrap Christmas presents.  None of that fancy colourful waxy paper for us!  Just good old fashioned butcher paper and twine.
     I am grateful that for most of my life I have been in a position to help other people.  Perhaps not monetarily, but in time and skills that I can share.  There are few things as rewarding as serving someone else.

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