Thursday, October 11, 2012

Our Good Life Lately. . .

Joseph and I bottled a lot of fruit, salsa, and tomatoes this fall!
We need to practice; next year we're planting fruit trees and a garden.
Hopefully within the next few years our mini farm will be mostly self sustaining!
Homemade tortillas!  Simple to make and very tasty!
Joseph working hard; putting on the metal roof to our coop!
I love his "latter"!
Our cute rabbit hutch; ready for winter with a nice metal roof ! 
The first egg from our young hen Amber!  Four of our six young hens are laying now, we think.
It's hard to tell whose egg is who now.
My boys:  River and Raz.  River is longer than Raz now!
Logan Canyon!
We've had a lovely Fall this year!
We love to support local farmers!
Picking apples at Paradise Valley Orchard!
Homemade is always better!
Even ice cream!
Chocolate chip and butter-scotch cookies!
I needed a treat one night so I told Joe I was making cookies!
I know there are people who make cookies all the time, however, cookies have
never been my strong point.
There was a year that I brunt every batch of cookies I baked,
so I just stopped baking cookies for a while.  These turned out pretty good!
Mean Green Juice!
The most disgusting thing I ever drank!
This is kale, celery, cucumber, apples, and more kale!
We ended up making our own version of V8: Spinach, celery, red onion, carrots, and tomatoes!
Yeast doing its thing!
I can make bread too you know. ;)
Willow keeping me company while I baked bread.
A fun find!
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