Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day Thirty: 30 Days of Gratitude

Jill's Gratitude:
     I'm grateful that my husband is an artist!  I love it when art is happening in my house.
     I'm grateful for Thanksgiving!  In my book Thanksgiving is the best holiday!  It's the kick off to the holiday season and the few months that follow are fantastic!  Everyone is in the mood for fun, parties, giving, love, and Christmas carols!
     I'm grateful that this 30 day challenge is over!  Not that I'm through with being grateful, but that I'm actually always grateful, and feel I express my gratitude and love of life and my blessings often.  So, to sit down and think of specific gratitude I haven't already expressed in the past was really quite hard.

Joseph's Gratitude:
     I am grateful to live in this country.  Even with all the pontificating, slander, and idiocy that accompanies the election season, it is a pretty darn good place to live.  I have lived outside the country, and I fully realize not everything is worse everywhere else; in fact some countries do some things better than we do, but it is still a pretty darn good place to live.
     I am grateful that winter is coming and bringing in its wake indoor projects.  Soon it will be time to pull out the embroidery, knitting, crochet, engraving, paper making, and lots of other crafts that we can do when the sun goes down.
     I am also grateful that this challenge is over.  It was a fair bit harder than I expected:  With a challenge like this, being a minimalist is something of a disadvantage!  Nevertheless, it was a good way to take a closer look at our lives, and be happy with what we have, rather than always be looking for the next acquisition, or keeping up with the proverbial Jones'.

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