Monday, November 26, 2012

A Face Lift For Our House!

We bought a house that needs a bit of fixing up.  We knew this when we bought the house and don't mind to fix it up at all.  Our house payment is quite affordable, we have enough land for our homesteading goals, and by living in the country we have very few city ordinances required of us.  I am not a patient person, so I asked Joseph if he would paint the shutters and our front door as to give our house a face lift while we save cash for our home improvements.
This is the picture used when the house was listed on the market.  Notice the faded green shutters and the sad little tree in the front middle of this picture.  I love the little tree, it is still standing in our front yard, but I'm not sure it's still alive.  
This is our house now!  Notice the red door and black shutters and the red shed off to the right side of our house.  The shed, front door, and our chicken coop all match of course.  Now our front lawn is not green anymore and not because the weather is cold.  We killed our front lawn or should I say our front weed patch.  We have great plans for our front yard next year; say it with me. . . fruit trees!  The extra satellite on our roof makes us look like "techies" don't you think?  I'm being a bit sarcastic of course; honestly when Joseph and I walked through this house we knew it was going to be our future home.  Lewiston is where we're supposed to be!  I'm very happy; our house face lift looks fantastic!