Tuesday, April 16, 2013

We Love You Utah!

I have always been in love with Utah!  Several of my friends have told me how much they want to move out of this wonderful state!  I often understand their reasons for wanting to leave, but I often don't understand as well.  This state is absolutely beautiful!  Now that Joseph and I are preparing to move out of Utah I can't stop thinking about all of the places I've been, and want to see again, but more importantly, I can't stop thinking about all the people here that I love and want to see before we go.  The reality of our situation is we have to move, and we're moving fast!  We won't get the opportunity to see everyone; I sure am thinking of you!  Utah has been my home for 35 years!  The people I love here make this state wonderful!

I look forward to the opportunity to move to a new place with Joseph!  I can not explain the excitement we feel when we think about our future and the adventure we're about to embark on!  I look forward to making new friends that I know will make Texas a wonderful place too!  I'll document everything here, so visit us often!

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