Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Do you ever find yourself in a state of constant thought about one particular concept or word?  Lately I can't get the word 'perseverance' out of my mind; thinking about all that encompasses such a loaded word is what has consumed my thoughts the past few days.

Perseverance:  Steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., especially in-spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement (definition reference found HERE).  The definition of this word alone is enormous; it requires so much of a person!  I've been thinking about our move to Texas and the business we're starting here, and just how much perseverance Joseph and I have to have to make sure this plan of ours works.  Steve Jobs said, "I'm convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance".  We have a lot depending on our success, three young children in particular, and the pressure of that dependence can feel very heavy at times.       

Everyone of us has family and friends that need us and rely on us in some way.  Something amazing I think is that we automatically and unconsciously make decisions every day that enable us to persevere.  I have to make a decision to get up every day and make my home enjoyable to live in, contact possible new clients, make sure Joseph has what he needs to properly work on his craft, define and refine our plans to make sure we're setting our business up properly, continue to work on new skills we want to acquire, and have some fun in between.  Then there are the individual goals each of us put upon ourselves, such as; be healthy, be happy, secure or define my own spirituality, love myself more, love my family more, love my community more, should I cut my bangs again, etc?  All of this responsibility and commitment in life revolves around our own perseverance.  What keeps me from waking up tomorrow and deciding I don't want to do any of it?  How much effort am I willing to put towards all of this?  And when plans don't go smoothly or don't turn out as expected, what do I do?  Do I quit or do I persevere?

I spoke to my mom on the phone yesterday, she was telling me about some personal trials a dear friend of hers is going through; my mom's heart was literally breaking for her friend as she was talking to me.  She spoke of some of her own trials she's gone through and I thought to myself; what a great example of perseverance.  My dad called me today to talk while he was driving through Nevada, and I know there are so many other things he'd rather be doing than driving a semi truck.  Deciding it was time to give up his business and spend so much time away from family wasn't easy for him.  What another great example of perseverance.

I started thinking about other people I know in my life and what they are going through:  My friend Amy just adopted two little boys, one who is autistic.  What a huge challenge her whole family is going through right now; she already has three children, runs a successful daycare business out of her home with her husband, who is disabled due to a mountain bike accident.  My sister is experiencing quite a few health problems right now, but still insists on running her household, raising her children, and sticking to the plan her and her husband feel is right for their family.  My brother works hard so his wife can stay home with their children, and always is helping people in his church and neighborhood.  My mother in-law has dealt with sickness and personal trials through out her life and yet she is always taking care of others, she took care of her own mother in-law when she was ill.  My father in-law is the same way.  The only reason Joseph and I could move is because we know Cindy and Mike are watching over our children in Wyoming while we're here in Texas.  Our dear friends the Tylers have dealt with personal sickness, a sweet mother who is suffering from MS, major career changes, and are raising three beautiful children along the way.  My brother in-law gave up his career to go after his dream, and his wife is going after her dreams too!  The list of people I know who persevere is huge, I could keep going!

I watch so many great people and see their difficulties, obstacles, and discouragement, and yet they always seem to stay the course!  They give me strength and motivation so that I can stay my course and persevere, and for that I am truly grateful!     


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