Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Our Day of Canning - Preface

Last weekend Joseph and I bottled salsa, spiced peaches, ginger grape jam, and honey peach butter.  I have so much to share about or day of canning that I feel it's best to break up our day in parts, thus this blog is a preface to all we did.  A little before and after preview for your viewing pleasure.
First thing first, you must begin canning with a very clean kitchen and clean work area!
Look at my cute Raz too.  He loves to be in the action. 

The kitchen is clean, set up, and ready to begin!

This is my kitchen after our day of canning....  Not so pretty.
Honestly, the clean up wasn't bad, we stayed on top of things and cleaned as we went along.

We tried a new recipe this year!  Stay tuned for the salsa blog!

We ended up processing 50 pounds of peaches and 6 pounds of grapes!
To be continued. . . 

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