Monday, October 8, 2012

Day Twenty-eight: 30 Days of Gratitude

Jill's Gratitude:
     I'm grateful for the chance to be a den mother!  I'm excited to get to know more people in our community.  I also love working with boys, I always seem to end up working with boys, I wonder why that is?
     I'm grateful that for the time being my priorities are in check and Joe and I are on the what feels like the right path.  I love the feeling of life being complete!
     I'm grateful for LDS Temples.  Joseph and I are going to be sealed this year in the Logan Temple, and I love the idea that I'm going to be with this man forever!

Joseph's Gratitude:
     I am grateful for peroxide and baking soda:  It makes cleaning up cat vomit a little less terrible.
     I am grateful for streaming technologies that make it so simple to listen to or watch broadcasts.
     I am grateful that the broadcast we were most recently able to listen to was the LDS General Conference.  It is never all that great when it come to exploring theology, but it is a wonderful spiritual pick-me-up, especially when you can sit with your family and listen to it in your pyjamas!

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