Monday, October 8, 2012

Day Twenty-seven: 30 Days of Gratitude

Jill's Gratitude:
     I'm grateful for my mom.  She always wants to talk to me and see how my family is.  It's nice to know she is thinking about us and is genuinely concerned about us.
     I'm grateful that my sister hasn't cared that we moved a few more miles away and is willing to journey to Lewiston to see us.  I'm tired in my young but very worn body, and it's nice that she wants to see me and so she and Jesse come.
     I'm grateful for my three step children.  I worry about them constantly as they live with their mother in Wyoming and Joe and I get to see them only two weekends a month; not a lot of time.  Every time they come to see us we have a great time and always end up laughing together.

Joseph's Gratitude:
     I am grateful for a comfortable bed.  Jill and I seem to spend most of our free time on our bed; reading, typing, watching movies, eating dinner. . . .  Since we don't have a fireplace (yet!), our bed is the heart of our home.
     I am grateful that I get to help Jill as she finishes up her degree:  I am one or those odd birds that loved being in school, and now I miss it.  Helping Jill takes the edge off!
     I am grateful for the camera in my phone, at least when it comes to snapshots.  I remember thinking, a number of years ago, upon seeing the first camera phones, "What a stupid idea.  That will never catch on."  I may have been wrong with that one. . . .

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